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What is basic encoding called?

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I understand Huffman Coding.

I was wondering what it's called when you do it in a more primitive sense.

For example, if you have a string that contains 2^n < x <= 2^(n+1) characters and therefore could do a straight fixed length (n+1)-bit encoding of each character.

Is there a name for this type of coding? It seems so simple it might not even have a name. I know ASCII is an example of it though. (fixed length = 8)


string = "hello world"

h, e, l, o, ' ', w, r, d = 8 characters, so n = 3 and we could represent them as follows:
h = 000
e = 001
l = 010
o = 011
' ' = 100
w = 101
r = 110
d = 111

And now instead of taking up 88 bits for this 11 character string, it would only require 33 bits (plus the table of course, which in this limited example defeats the purpose) ((whereas huffman would require only 29 bits + table))

Is there a name for this?

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Serialization? Tokenization?

All you've done is made a token table or data dictionary with 8 members, not much of a fancy name for it beyond that.

Many compression techniques focus on generating the best token tables for their data. Then they use Huffman encoding into that table.

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