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require advice desperately

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I will start by saying that my desire for future work and occupation is computer games programing,
My first and the most important question i have is in the matter of guidance,
I'm starting college in few months and im yet to settle my mind as to what i should study,
my dilemma is between computer programing and computer science,
computer science is 3 years , and consists of important courses such as the different kinds of math algorithms linear math infinitesimal math, physics
and most importantly (in my opinion) computer graphics, operating systems, automates and languages (c, c++) and another choice of 2 courses relevant to the matter (advanced graphics, AI, video processing and more).
graduating after 3 years with a b.sc. degree,
on the other hand i can go and study computer programing for 4 years which consists of all of the above math subjects and more, physics
c, c++, assembly , computer architecture, and now for the "i have no idea what are this terms" part - numeric analysis ,harmonic analysis , object guided programing, logic singular math
and some more things i cant even pronounce,
at the end of the 4 years i get a b.sc. degree and an authorized computer engineer diploma.

i am aware that i didn't give the exact detailing of those "roads" but from what the more experienced of you can say , what do you think ?
i honestly don't have the slightest idea to which way i should go in order to go towards the computer gaming more than any other aspect.
i would love it if someone could give me some guidelines to what are the things i will really need in order to work in a computer gaming company, with that i would like to learn as much as possible
in any possible related subject but mainly want to be a computer games programer (less interested in graphics and designs)

i have no idea how relative is an engineer diploma for the matter, but at the moment i tend to side with the computer science because they have arranged work with different colleges in the U.S

for the second question , i would like to know what is the most up to date and widely used computer games programing programs.
third and last question !
is java scripting still used widely in the making of games nowadays?

any info you guys can give me would be very helpful !!
pardon me for my grammar mistakes,
and thanks in advance!

Ron Gal

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1. You should read this forum's FAQs. There's one about how to make a decision, and several about what an aspiring game programmer should study. You should ideally get a 4-year Computer Science degree. Read more in the FAQs.
2. This website has other FAQs that answer your 2nd question too. See the For Beginner forum's FAQs and read the Start Here FAQ. Here's a list you should read:
http://sloperama.com/advice/lesson51.htm "Waste of Time?"
http://www.igda.org/games-game-july-2006 "Tools of the (Design) Trade"
3. Someone else will have to answer this one, not me. Read http://www.sloperama.com/advice/entry65.htm
4. Your grammar may be forgiven, but your lazy habit of not capitalizing the word "I" is not.

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