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Using map information in a game

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Not really sure which forum to ask this in but here goes.
I've been thinking about making a little game that uses real world map info to procedurally generate a world.
The world does not need to have the same building layouts as real life (but it would be nice) but I would want the real road layouts and road names. The idea was that you would know where your going without even looking at a map.

I've found this - http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/os-mastermap/index.html which seem to be OS information in XML format which I presume contains everything I need, I'm just not too sure how I would go about extracting this information. It all seems to be .xsd files which are xml schema files which I have no clue about. I tried to open one and it opened up Visual studio and had some design screen where I can drag and drop random components which I have never seen before.

The other way I had thought of doing it was to look up Google maps somehow and do some sort of edge detection on the roads and build some sort of map like that. Again no idea how I would actually do that.

If anyone knows a good way of achieving this or any ideas it would be appreciated.


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I suggest trying to use OpenStreetMap data, which is worldwide, and more open than Google's.
Not every city has buildings, but roads are the first things mapped.

You will still have to read some XML, thought. But people have written things to do that already (I don't know if it is easily usable for a game):

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