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[SlimDX] Fullscreen + Vsync = Stuttering !

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In me research for a stuttering problem in my game engine, I think, I have found the problem, but don't have any idea why this is happening, that's why I ask you if you have an idea !

The situation :

DirectX10 under win7, Nvidia adapter, simple engine. If running fullscreen (and only in fullscreen), with Vsync On and the rendering loop going much more faster than the vsync ==> Stutter (Frame dropped by the driver).

My base solution at this moment :

Make the call to device.present() not faster than the Vsync !

My questions :

- What is happening here ? It seems that the called to .present() with Vsync "is caching" frames, and if the cache is full, it can go to throw away a frame ==> It makes the stutter !

- Why is it not happening in windowed mode under the exact same situation (back buffer resolution, scene, ...) ???

Tx you for your help !

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[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]After weeks of investigations I found the problem : Nvidia DX10 driver are really a mess !!!!

=> Tested my application with ATI = No problem[/font]
=> Migrated to DX11 => No problem at all ! (Instead of a gpu "bound" in full screen, my gpu now is idle 95% of the time !!)

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