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Motion Blurs & Velocity Maps

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So i am trying to do a pixel motion blur using the same way that nVidia & DX SDK used. Render the scene on surface, calculate the velocity and output it as color info, then render the scene again and use the velocity info to create a Motion Blur( i skipped the step where you do the blur on separate quad and then apply it to the original scene because i think it isn't needed)
But the problem is that the Velocity map is not getting any info for some reason.
Here is the code

//Velocity Calculation Shaders
void VelocityVShader(float3 PosL : POSITION0,
out float4 oPosH: POSITION0,
out float2 oVel : TEXCOORD0)
float4 CurrVel = mul(float4(PosL,1.0f),gMatWVP);
float4 PrevVel = mul(float4(PosL,1.0f),gMatPrevWVP);

CurrVel /= CurrVel.w;
PrevVel /= PrevVel.w;

oVel = CurrVel - PrevVel;
oVel /= 2.0f;

oPosH = CurrVel;

float4 VelocityPShader(float2 Vel : TEXCOORD0):COLOR
return float4(Vel,1.0f,1.0f);

Any help on the subject will be really appreciated.

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