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[XnA] Need help sorting out some things with 3D

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I followed this tutorial and it worked great. But when im starting to play around with the code the first thing that hit me was that the size of the cube is 1 in all direction. I can't seem to find anything that gives it a larger size, but still a 256x256 texture can be added to it...
For me this wasnt all clear... I've tried to see where the size get's so big all of a sudden.

And another thing, i wanted to draw a string onto the screen so i called on Spritebatch.Begin(); and DrawString.
But when i tested the project the cubes was transparent on some sides and on some sides not. And when i removed the Spritebatch it went away, how do i fix this? (Is it some methods or how do you draw a string on a 3d enviroment?)

Short story
How did the cube go from size "1" to "256"? (The textures dimenisions.)
How do you draw a string in a 3D enviroment? (Without getting transparent textures)

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