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First Game "Done"!

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It's simple in concept. All you have to do is click each of the balls with the goal of stopping all the balls. Once you stop them all a congrats pop up appears and tell you how long you took. All in all there are 50 balls. They each spawn at random spots starting at the top of the game area and fall based on a random velocity when they are created. Balls that reach the bottom are destroyed and re-spawn at the top immediately when they are killed. Alt+F4 should kill the game early. My best time is 57 seconds but other play tests haven't been much longer (just a few seconds). An interesting caveat is that if you click on a space where two balls are they will both stop or start falling again if they were stopped when you click them. This helps provide a small amount more challenge. :rolleyes:

Let me know what you think! I know it's a super simple game but I'm still open to critiques and improvement suggestions. Attached is both the game exe and source in the zip file. Post your scores!

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Well done for making your first game!

First of all....I hate you...I'm addicted.... So congratulations.

Few things I'd comment on:

1) Not sure if the you update the position of the balls based on framerate, but sometimes the velocity of the balls is impossibly fast - like takes less than 0.5s to reach the height of the screen.
2) Please please please, don't remove the Window border unless it's a fullscreen application, it was extremely irritating not having the minimise/maximise/exit buttons in the corner.

Some new things you might want to consider:

1) I knew aesthetics don't mean much in your first game, but perhaps but some sort of cartoony sky background (maybe with clouds scrolling across), and maybe make the balls be bubbles or rain drops or something, which burst when clicked on. All done in a sort of cartoon fashion. Would make the game much more appealing.
2) Add a menu, with options to change resolution, and exit or something. Doesn't have to be in depth - but just a menu that appears on startup and when you press Esc (which should pause the game).
3) Also, maybe add a score in the corner, and then have a High Score board (accessible through the menu).
4) Also you could maybe consider different game modes - for example, rather than having to click 50 balls in x seconds, maybe see how many balls you can click in 10 seconds.
5) Add a difficulty meter (which basically just varies the minimum/maximum velocity of the balls).

Hope you appreciate the critique - I'm going back to try and beat my appalling score, and take a look at your code.

Keep up the good work.

Edit: Woohoo - 50 Seconds, best time! Edited by AndyEsser

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Window border restored. :cool:

I first took it off because I was going for a full screen app but as I got to messing around that clearly didn't happen! Thanks for the feedback though and thanks for playing!

  • Window Border
  • File Menu with Exit and New Game options
  • Score option on Menu
  • Resize supportI haven't gone back through to tidy up my code so beware!

    Also, I tried slowing down the fall times so let me know how it works on your system. You're right that I don't restrict drawing based on FPS so whenever the thread executes is when updates/redraws occur. Restricting this based on a "golden" rule of 60 FPS is a future development.

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