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A question on sliding collision and on navigating on models

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Hey guys. After a long, LONG time trying to implement collision detection using a collision paper I found a while back, http://pisa.ucsd.edu...2/Collision.pdf as a reference, I have finally succeeded! And lemme tell ya, that was a great day. However, I seem to run into a problem getting my character to run up ramps. I'm not using ellipsoid like in the paper, just a sphere and running up inclines takes forever and I'm not quite sure how to rectify that. My gravity isn't set very high.

(Don't mind the crappy models, I threw em together for testing purposes)


My other question was, how to get npcs to follow me through models (like that fugly fort thing in the first pic). I understand A* pathfinding enough to know I'll be using that for the ground but once I enter a building...then what? Since the player will more than likely have a pet of some sorts, I was thinking of after running collision, keeping a list of the past 30 positions my character was in so the pet could follow the player a little better through models, if the player was colliding with a model. But that doesn't really help me if I want npcs to be able to just walk into and out of buildings or even enclosed areas like a dungeon.

I was thinking of waypoints, but I'm unsure how to...merge the two together. (Plus, for every building I plop down, I would have to hand place a waypoint system in that building, which doesn't sound very appealing).

Appreciate any suggestions!!

EDIT: Well I was silly and was applying my gravity vector with my velocity vector when calling my recursive collision method. I instead was supposed to apply gravity after calling my collision method once and I'm now able to walk up slopes! Not only that but after lots of trial and error got my "pet" following me around the ground and into models that I have setup additional waypoint information for, just an exension of the A* algorithm.

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