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So let's talk weapons...

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As I just acquired a PS3 I have begun to play Disgaea 3. I realised that something about it began to bore me when I was on to my sixtieth character or so.

There are only 6 weapon types to give them, and I've already used each one ten times. Where's the fresh appeal?

So if for the purposes of this discussion, there was no real limiting factor on the number of kinds of weapons, what would you like to see your guys using to deconstruct your foes?

Let's start with the obvious:


I'd love to see some crazy ideas for weapons here, but on the other hand, there's no point in saying 'Broad sword' if we already have sword. And for that matter, little point in saying 'Baseball bat' when we have club.

So let's see what we can come up with here.

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Grenades (all kinds)
rocket launcher
board with a nail in it
laser beam

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Another good one, and might I ask what game? I love flails, only ever seen one in Sword of Mana. S'it that?

Greaves (a la Soulcalibur 3's Valeria)

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Shadow Spirit: Your spirit "detaches" from your character, chases down an enemy and beats the crap out of it for a few seconds before dissipating.

Portal Projector: Places a "portal" behind the target enemy and one in front of your character. Your character reaches in and pulls the enemies' head through the portal, punching him a few times before closing the portal and "splicing" him in two.

Suicide Gun: When it hits an enemy, it brainwashes them into killing themselves. Could be reinterpreted as something magic for a fantasy setting.

Body-Blade Hug: What if your character could burst blades all over his body, like a cybernetic sea urchin. Grab an enemy, bear-hug him, then project your blades for +1 death.

Internal Carbonation Grenade (I.C.G.): Ok, this one is a bit ridiculous, but you asked for "crazy". Grab an enemy and somehow "insert" the grenade (down the throat, through the chest, or up the... well, you know). Shake the enemy quickly so the carbonation gets "fizzy", then toss him into a group of enemies and watch him explode and take the whole group out.

Drowning Cannon: A massive squirt gun that overwhelms the enemies ability to breathe. Keep it "focused" on their face for a few seconds and the enemy will drown!

Hmm... this is fun (if a bit on the morbid side), I'll keep thinking and possibly post more later :)

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Are you saying bow as Staff?

If so.

What about

Bow and Arrow
Ball N' Chain
Lance or Pole Arm
Flag Poles.
Farming Tools

Then there are

Nail Guns
Liquid Propane Tanks
Welder Guns
Glass Ware
Silver Ware
Knife Ware
Oil Cans
Metal Pipes
Sledge Hammers (Hammer Category)
Gardening Tools

This is all I could come up with for now.

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