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Please help this newb with a project

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I am having hard time understanding what I am supposed to do in this assignment : Basically, I have to follow these steps

first step should be to make sure that the starting code (list.zip) works, and that all declared methods are implemented. Next, you should replace each assertion line in the provided code with an equivalent throw provision. This new class should contain all of the same public methods as in the given class, but should be re-written to take advantage of the capabilities of the new construction. Also, since you will now be using this as a base class, you will need to determine which methods should be virtual.

Many methods will require only minor modification. Others will require more thinking. You may wish to draw diagrams to help you through the planning process.

When this class is fully tested, you will need to write the definition for a new queue class which protectedly inherits from your Circular Doubly-Linked List class. It should at least contain:

constructors to match up with all of the constructors in the Circular Doubly-Linked List class.
a destructor
getSize(), begin(), end(), empty(), release(), =
void push(T& element)
T& pop()
You will also need to write a program which is a test driver for the classes--that is a main that tests the methods of both classes. It should contain appropriate try/catch blocks and test all of the methods of both classes, either directly or indirectly. Protected or private inheritance makes it hard to test virtual functions, so you do not need to worry about this here. You may use any class you choose that makes sense as the data implementation (string is an easy choice).

End of instructions.

Can somebody please help me to understand what I am gonna do step by step please?

thx bai

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Well, it was due last week, however, I got it done on time. TY anyways :)

btw, I have new assigment on RPN CALCULATOR if ur interested in helping :P...

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