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Unity [web] Custom Browser MMO Toolset in BETA

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I've been around here for a while but have mostly just reading, but now I have something to share!

I've created a browser based custom RPG Toolset (Beta) and I can't seem to find a nice place to gain some testers. Not only is there a whole browser based admin toolset designed to let teams build a world of any size but it is all viewed pretty much on one page.

I haven't optimized the code yet and I'm still working on some smaller parts like Buffs, Trading and Guilds but pretty much everything else is done.

I guess I am looking for a few people to play with the toolset and enjoy the small MMO world they make while testing.

Here is a short list of features, and remember this is all browser based HTML / CSS / javascript / PHP / MySQL

- Map editor with 625 squares for placeable tiles
- A Map Events editor for adding No walk squares, quests, conversations, ect
- Support for unlimited browser based or flash mini games
- A full quest system with an active quest journal and quest states that offer text for each
- Full visual inventory with item viewing
- Full visual shop system with code ready for player based shops
- Full battle system with a customizable skill system
- Full branching conversation system
- Custom loot lists for monsters allowing up to 25 different object to be dropped per monster
- Custom spawn lists that allow up to 25 different monsters to spawn per zone, and special spawns anywhere as well as random spawns if you want them
- Full waypoint based zonelines allowing unlimited world size
- Full soul Binding system to change your respawn point when traveling
- Full custom items system with bonuses and elemental stats
- Three base damage types used 'Blade','Blunt','Pierce' elemental damages and resists
- A list of other in zone with you as well as a visual character sheet viewer for them, with more to be added to interaction soon
- A custom race making system including starting stats
- Multiple characters per player account
- A custom skill system that allows passive and active skills to be taken by the character at level time, that has options for, race only skills, skills requiring other skills to be taken, required stats for taking skills, and a bunch more.
- leveling up to level 80 but can easily be extended for unlimited levels.
- Item collection for crafting and quests

I know, I know get on with the screenshots...

The Main Playing Screen


The Map editing Screen

The Quest Screen


The Character Sheet Screen


The Battle Screen


The level Screen


The Minigame Screen (Can be unlimited games)


The Store Screen (With custom top store banners for players)


The Conversation Screen


The Quest Journal Screen


Character Select Screen


Race Creator Screen


Map Events Editor Screen


Conversation Creation Screen

Quest Creation Screen


Monster Creation Screen


Spawn List Creation Screen


Item Creation Screen


Store Creation Screen

Loot List Creation Screen


Character Skill Journal Screen


Skill Create Screen

Lists System Screen


Lists System Screen


Main Menu Screen




The Character Menu contains many of the controls and information areas of the entire game system. Not all buttons are available at all times, some appear as needed, like the 'Rest Button' and 'Potion Buttons'.

From here you can view your Character Sheet, Inventory, Quest Journal, Skills List, and in the near future, the 'Community Button'. More buttons will be added as needed and may change positions, that why there is only a general overview here right now.

Are the buttons you use to move your character around the world. If you are experiencing bad refresh times of flickering then you should upgrade to using Firefox 4, the browser this was developed for. It also works well on the Iphone, Ipad, and other portable devices.

This button does many actions in this game system. Under the movement keys there is a special area that tells you what this button will do if clicked. However it also lets you know when you are in a safe resting area, at whcih time you need to click the 'Rest' Button in the Character Menu Area.

This button can make you Change Zones, Start Battles, Play Minigames, Open Stores, Open Conversations and many many more actions. This is the most important button in the entire system.

We are also in the middle of making tutorials like this: [url="http://rpg.rgcgaming.com/tutorials/create_map/tut_createmap.php"]Making your first Zone Map


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