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Projecting a shape into screen space coordinates gives odd results.

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I would like to project a shape from its object coordinates into screen space so it will always face a camera.

I start by drawing a yellow triangle in world space using a perspective transform:

Vector3 a = new Vector3(0, 0, 0);
Vector3 b = new Vector3(0, 2, 0);
Vector3 c = new Vector3(1, 0, 0);

game.WireShapeDrawer.Begin(game.ActiveCamera.ViewMatrix, game.ActiveCamera.ProjectionMatrix);

game.WireShapeDrawer.DrawWireTriangle(a, b, c, Color.Yellow);


I now use the built in XNA function to project the vertices a, b and c to screen space:

a = viewport.Project(a, camera.ProjectionMatrix, camera.ViewMatrix, Matrix.Identity);
b = viewport.Project(b, camera.ProjectionMatrix, camera.ViewMatrix, Matrix.Identity);
c = viewport.Project(c, camera.ProjectionMatrix, camera.ViewMatrix, Matrix.Identity);

Each coordinate requires dividing by the width and height in order to be in the [-1, 1] range and the y axis is flipped:

a.X /= viewport.Width;
a.Y /= -viewport.Height;
b.X /= viewport.Width;
b.Y /= -viewport.Height;
c.X /= viewport.Width;
c.Y /= -viewport.Height;

The projected triangle is now drawn to the screen using no transformation (Matrix.Identity):

game.WireShapeDrawer.Begin(Matrix.Identity, Matrix.Identity);

game.WireShapeDrawer.DrawWireTriangle(a, b, c, Color.Purple);


The final result produces a triangle that doesn't face the camera and doesn't appear to project onto 2D correctly:


My projection matrix is created as follows:

private void Perspective(float aspect_Ratio, float z_NearClipPlane, float z_FarClipPlane)
nearClipPlaneZ = z_NearClipPlane;
farClipPlaneZ = z_FarClipPlane;

float yZoom = 1f / (float)Math.Tan(MathHelper.ToRadians(GlobalSettings.FOV_X) * 0.5f);
float xZoom = yZoom / aspect_Ratio;

matrix_Projection.M11 = xZoom;
matrix_Projection.M12 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M13 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M14 = 0f;

matrix_Projection.M21 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M22 = yZoom;
matrix_Projection.M23 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M24 = 0f;

matrix_Projection.M31 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M32 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M33 = z_FarClipPlane / (nearClipPlaneZ - farClipPlaneZ);
matrix_Projection.M34 = -1f;

matrix_Projection.M41 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M42 = 0f;
matrix_Projection.M43 = (nearClipPlaneZ * farClipPlaneZ) / (nearClipPlaneZ - farClipPlaneZ);
matrix_Projection.M44 = 0f;

The view matrix is as follows:

Matrix.CreateFromQuaternion(ref orientation, out matrix_View);

matrix_View.M41 = -Vector3.Dot(Right, position);
matrix_View.M42 = -Vector3.Dot(Up, position);
matrix_View.M43 = Vector3.Dot(Forward, position);
matrix_View.M44 = 1f;

Where might this be going wrong?

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