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Artifact when mapping texture on sphere ( Mesh ? )

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I noticed, that when I try map texture on Sphere generated by
Mesh.Sphere(...) metod

this.mesh = Mesh.Sphere(this.device, this.planetRadius, 32, 32);
CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured[] vb =
0, this.mesh.NumberVertices);

double R = this.planetRadius;
double theta, theta2;
double x1, y1;
for (int i = 0; i < this.mesh.NumberVertices; ++i)
theta = Math.Asin(vb.Y / R); //-PI/2~PI/2
theta2 = Math.Atan2(vb.Z, vb.X); //-PI~PI

x1 = (theta2 / Math.PI / 2.0) + 0.5; //0.0~ 1.0
y1 = ((theta / Math.PI * 2.0) + 1.0) / 2.0;

vb.Tu = (float)x1;
vb.Tv = 1.0f - (float)y1;

In place, when start and end of the tetxture connect togeter ( when
vb.Tu has values 0 i 1 ) a strange narrow strip occurs, which has
color of pixels like points with vb.Tu = 0.5.

It is not transparency / alpha blending - there could not be seen
pixel behind sphere.

It is not probably problems with ZBuffer ( like descripted here:
http://www.sjbaker.org/steve/omniv/love_your_z_buffer.html ) - I had
presentParameters.AutoDepthStencilFormat = DepthFormat.D24X8;
and zNearClipPlane in device.Transform.Projection to 1.

I checked rounding and accuracy of calculations ( float, double
casting etc. )
I tried also values of vb.Tu close to 0 and 1 ( less to 0.001 or
higher to 0.999 ) set to 0 and 1, but it doesn't helps.

What is interesting, when I changed device.RenderState.FillMode to
WireFrame I can see, that this strip has not connected with vertex -
the wrong color is a small part of traingle - not cover whole triangle
from vertex to vertex.

For any help thanks in advance!

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