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Moving Things(SDL_C)

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Since my English is not the best and I couldn't find answer to my question, I decided to write about this. I would like to create a simple game where you can move footballer and kick or move football.
Recently I encountered a problem with moving a football It looks like this:
I would be greatfull for any help in this, I can walk with my footballer with arrows up, down, left, right.
I had ideas with if( ) but it didn't work ><. Basically If footballer would be in left and I will go on right the footbal should move on right side etc with other sides.
Oh I wrote it in C with help of SDL and SDL_Image.
Thank you in advance, for any help. smile.gif

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You have the footballer moving, yes? Can you not use similar code to move the football?

What part are you having trouble with:

  • When to move the football?
  • Where to move the football
  • Something else?

    If your code is reasonably small you could post it here too.

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It's the code http://pastie.org/pr...zgrjd1ffsikppaw
Hope you will understand unsure.gif. This code is totally unefficient - it waste a lot of memory but right now I'm working on mechanic of game, later I'll polish it blink.gif.
Yes I can move my footballer, but It's not that easy with football because I want to move the football with my footballer - for example if right side of my footballer "square" will touch left side of the football "square" it should move football by one point to the right. :P " [ S1 ] touches [ S2 ] from left side = [ S2 ] moved to the right by one "
Implementation of this is a big trouble for me right now, because of complex of condition.
Thank you for response :).

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