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deepMesh Low-Poly 3D Modeler

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logo2.png deepMesh is a low-poly 3D modeling, animation, uv-mapping and lightmapping application built with Irrlicht. It's still early in development but already provides many of the features and tools you'd expect to see in a fully-fledged modeling application and it's being fiercely developed with new features and improvements, with new versions being released almost on a weekly basis.


In a nutshell...

- As well as introducing the deepMesh (.dpm) model format, it also imports and exports to several third-party model formats including .x, .3ds, .b3d, .obj, .smd, .ply, .stl, .obj, .irrmesh, and ogre .xml (22 total imports, and 10 export formats)

- Boned keyframe animation is currently supported for .b3d and .dpm formats, with much wider animation support planned for the next version.

- Models can be built from scratch using the mesh editor, or with the 28 primitive types available, including your regular cubes, spheres, cones, torus etc.. as well as more advanced shapes like 3DText, pipes, coils and more.

- The integrated UVMapper and Auto-Texturing tools allow you to quickly create seamless texturing with the sweep of a mouse, or unwrap the model automatically with UVAtlas, Planar or Projective mapping tools.

In a bigger nutshell...
  • Primitive-based modelling with over 28 primitive types
  • Create and edit models from scratch with the vertex editor and mesh builder
  • Import support for 20 model formats, (including .x, .3ds, .b3d, .obj, ogre .mesh, collada and irrlicht)
  • Export support for .x, .3ds, .b3d, irrlicht .irrmesh, ogre .xml, .smd, luxrender and .ply
  • The deepMesh model format provides deep control of animated or static models
  • Material editor allows direct painting of faces with up to 4 texture-layers per material
  • Powerful mesh modifiers and editing tools
  • Boolean operations (CSG) for carving complex shapes from primitives
  • Integrated UV Mapper with a range of auto-unwrap and manual editing tools
  • Mesh optimization tools for welding, polygon reduction and cleanup
  • Support for keyframe animation, bones (skinning) and hierarchical animation
  • Integrated direct-illumination lightmapper
  • Illustrated user-manual covers over 50 topics with step-by-step tutorials
  • Free updates for life - Buy once, update for free.. forever.
    How to get it..
    Find out more about the features at.. deepmesh.innesoft.com

    You can try the deepMesh 1.1 Demo (feature-limited) [here]

    The full version is available for the 'Early Adopter' discount price of $24.99, which will expire soon.

    :ph34r: GameDev Net Members: Enter the code "GDNDM30" for a further discount of 30% off (without quotes).

    [color="#ff0000"]Feedback, ideas, and bug-reports are very welcome at this stage, there's a growing todo list from other forums and I'll try to get everything in for v1.2 - email, pm or reply to this thread, I'll stick around and answer any questions.

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