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DX11 [DX11] Sharing CB's between few effects

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For a few days I'm trying to achieve EffectPools functionality in DirectX11.
In my test app I'v got two effects:
-GlobalVariables.fx (Something like effect pool but using registers)


shared Texture2D txDiffuse[MAX_TEXTURES_PER_MATERIAL] : register(t7);
//Clip plane info
shared cbuffer clipPlaneData :register(b2)
float3 clipPlaneNormal;
float clipPlaneOffset;


#include GlobalVariables.fx
//Make use of it

The only effect I use to set constant buffers and variables is created using GlobalVariables.fx (similary to effect pools).

cpData = (CLIP_PLANE_DATA*)subResource.pData;
cpData->clipPlaneNormal = normal;
cpData->clipPlaneOffset = offset;
// Set the constant buffer
ID3DX11EffectConstantBuffer* cbuffer = m_effectPool->GetConstantBufferByName("clipPlaneData");
if (cbuffer != NULL && cbuffer->IsValid()) {

I update texture buffers updat using ID3DX11EffectShaderResourceVariable interface.

Sadly, It doesn't work :( Is the whole idea wrong or I have just messed up someting in implementation ?

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