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Setting Up a Build Directory

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I can't find this on any websites, so maybe I'm googling the wrong thing, but...

I'm trying to set up my project directory early so I don't have this ghastly mess of files all in one folder. There's a folder for images, for source code, documentation, etc., but when I put my code into it's respective folder the compiler couldn't find it. Same thing with textures, unless I clump everything with the .vcproj file my program can't find it. So I have two questions.

1. How do you set up a clean directory structure?

2. How do you get Visual C++ express to read from, and write to, the desired locations.

As long as I'm fiddling with Visual C++ directories and such, I've also been reading about makefiles and version control. unsure.gif
Up until now I've just played with the linker settings and hit the magic green "build" arrow to compile my projects, so I never knew this stuff existed. Does anyone have any good info on building larger projects? Or at least a few things to google?

Most of my questions came out of reading chapter 4 of Game Coding Complete 3rd ed., if that helps at all.

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