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Ideas for Vehicles in a Third Person Shooter

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Hi guys, i just wanted to ask you what type of vehicles do you think would suit each scene?

The first one is, a escape vehicle for escaping from a drug lords villa. This scene is set in a big posh drug lords villa in Rocinha the largest favela in Rio, you get here after fighting your way up the favela and up a private street including villas with pools. It has to be able to smash through a big metal gate, and fit through a warehouse, also to endure gunfire. I thought some kind bulletproof sedan or jeep, or maybe one of them big troop carriers with the canvas top. Also what do you think for the enemies vehicles, the enemies are going to be like the ones of Modern Warfare 2 style, with loose clothes and bandanas, they could use AK's to give you a picture to work with.

The second one is, a boat that the main character ( who is a spy/agent ) begins on to start the scene. This scene is set in Venice, it begins just of the coast and the main character has to go diving, also 2 types of speedboat for the speedboat chase through the canals of Venice. Also i need some kind of attack helicopter for when you get chased, it has to be able to shoot rockets.

The third scene is, a desert escape from a oil refinery, in one part of the scene you drive a pickup or military humvee, while getting chased by enemies.

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