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Hi! So I'm creating a world editor with Direct3D 9 and I'm working on the terrain. Currently I'm rendering the ground cursor like this in the pixel shader:

void Texture(in PS_INPUT Input, out PS_OUTPUT Output) {
multitexturing stuff here

if (ShowGroundCursor) {
float texCoords = Input.TextureCoordinates;
texCoords -= GroundCursorPosition.xz;
texCoords = mul(texCoords, RotationMatrix(GroundCursorRotation));
texCoords += GroundCursorPosition.xz;
float4 cursorColor = tex2D(CursorSampler, (texCoords * (1 / GroundCursorSize)) - (GroundCursorPosition.xz * (1 / GroundCursorSize)) + 0.5);
Output.Color.rgb += cursorColor.rgb * GroundCursorColor;


With this I get a nice looking cursor on the terrain like this:

Now say I wanna have more than one ground effects like this. A dynamic amount of ground effects. Mainly because I believe that some spells in games do this (Consecration Spell in World of Warcraft, Selection circles in Warcraft 3, etc). So I figured I could write some GroundEffectManager class that contains details about all the ground effects that are to be rendered, simple. But how would you send this data to the shader? I heard that loops in HLSL isn't such a good idea... This goes for several other things I have planned for, such as lights? Sometimes there might be only the sun that shines, at other places there might be a couple of torches. How do todays games handle this stuff?

Thanks in advance!


forgot to mention what the RotationMatrix function does...
float2x2 RotationMatrix(float rotation) {
float c = cos(rotation);
float s = sin(rotation);

return float2x2(c, -s, s, c);

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