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Blender 2.5x scripting

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I have a export script that i use to export models from blender to my game engines format. The script worked in blender 2.49. I now want to move to blender 2.57 but starting at 2.50 blender seems to have made some radical changes to its scripting API and the way it manages scripts.

Ive googled alot and i cant seem to find the information im looking for. Whats the bare minimum i need to do to just get my script to show up in the export menu... nevermind converting it i just want it to show up so i can run it and see all the errors and then take it from there.

Thnx in Advance!

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Official documentation home page.

The overview document has some suggestions:

Here are some ways to run scripts directly in blender.

  • Loaded in the text editor and run.
  • Typed or pasted into the interactive console.
  • Run from the command line, eg: "blender --python /home/me/my_script.py" To run as modules...

    • The obvious way, 'import some_module' command from the text window or interactive console.
    • Open as a text block and tick "Register" option, this will load with the blend file.
    • copy into one of the directories ~/.blender/2.56/scripts/op, ~/.blender/2.56/scripts/ui, where they will be imported on startup.
    • define as an addon, enabling the addon will load it as a python module.[/quote]

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