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Handling mid-frame device lost (DX9) and locking

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I know how to handle a lost device and recovering it. I have a method CheckDeviceCooperativeLevel that calls TestCooperativeLevel and handles D3DERR_DEVICELOST and D3DERR_DEVICENOTRESET properly. It returns true only if TestCooperativeLevel succeeds. My main render loop that gets called once a frame looks like this:
if (CheckDeviceCooperativeLevel)
// Do all the drawing
The question I have is at what times can a device get lost? Assume I lock a buffer inside the drawing loop. Can I assume that locking that buffer always succeeds or can the device get lost between TestCooperativeLevel and the locking operation? Are there only certain instances when a device gets lost or can it happen any time? So for instance if I upload my textures inside the drawing loop, do I have to try again next frame if uploading fails or can I assume that it will always succeed? Similarly for CreateQuery - do I have to handle the case when that fails?

- Lutz

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[font="Calibri"]A device lost can happen all the time but the runtime is written I a way that in most cases you don’t need taking care mid frame. [/font]

[font="Calibri"]Locking of resources depends on the memory poll. It will work fine as long as the resource is not in the default pool. But as default pool resources need to be recreated after a device lost anyway you normally need only make sure that your app is not crashing when the locking fails.[/font]

[font="Calibri"]To be honest I am not sure about creating querys in device lost state. But as you don’t need to recreate them during a reset operation it should be possible to create them during device lost state.[/font]

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