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OpenGL Alternatives to GL_NV_depth_clamp extension for stencil shadow

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Hello everybody as this is my first topic here!

I am working on a project for OpenGL ES platforms that involves the use of stencil shadow rendering. This comes with the undesired side effect of far plane clipping when using the z-fail variant.
Trying to avoid this clipping, I wish to use something similar to GL_NV_depth_clamp extension ( which works fine when available, not my case though ).
Is there any way to emulate this behavior, maybe in the shader or elsewhere.

I tried to limit my vertices in vertex shader to the far plane ( after doing the transform ) like this:
gl_Position.z = min( gl_Position.z, gl_Position.w );
but this is messing up my geometry so it is not a good solution.

Then i tried in the fragment shader to mimic the depth clamp behavior like this:
gl_FragDepth = clamp( gl_FragCoord.z, gl_DepthRange.near, gl_DepthRange.far );
but this is not working right. ( I see fragments still clipped by the far plane )

PS I prefer not to use other solutions for solving this clipping issue ( as infinite projection matrix ).
Thank you!

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