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[XNA] Font Class Issue

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Hello, I just started programming in C++ and C# about 4-5 months ago so i am still fairly new to the syntax although I do know quite a few things about it. Just recently I indulged myself within XNA (I am going to school to become a Game Developer). I started off with displaying 2D Sprites and then I moved into displaying text. In the "Game1.cs" I was able to load and display text but then I tried to create my own "GameFont" class.

[code] class CGameFont
private SpriteFont GFONT;
private Vector2 GFONT_POS;
private String GFONT_TEXT;
private SpriteBatch FONT_SB;
private Color FONT_COLOR;

public CGameFont(float X, float Y, SpriteFont FONT, Color F_COLOR, SpriteBatch SB)
GFONT_POS = new Vector2(X, Y);

public void DISPLAY()
Vector2 GFONT_ORIGIN = new Vector2(0.0f, 0.0f);
FONT_SB.DrawString(GFONT, GFONT_TEXT, GFONT_POS, FONT_COLOR, 0, GFONT_ORIGIN, 1.0f, SpriteEffects.None, 0.0f);

public void V2_SETPOS(Vector2 NEWPOS)

public void ADDTEXT(String TxtToAdd)
Vector2 NEWPOS = new Vector2(GFONT_POS.X, GFONT_POS.Y - 14);

if (GFONT_TEXT != null)
GFONT_TEXT = GFONT_TEXT + "\n" + TxtToAdd;


Now, maybe I'm missing something, but this problem has stumped me all day long... whenever I run this code while trying to Add Text to the object,. it stops and highlights:

[code]FONT_SB.DrawString(GFONT, GFONT_TEXT, GFONT_POS, FONT_COLOR, 0, GFONT_ORIGIN, 1.0f, SpriteEffects.None, 0.0f);[/code]

And points to:

[b]GFONT_ORIGIN[/b] "NullReferenceException was unhandled" (object reference not set to an instance of an object.)

Which makes no sense to me because when I put my mouse over GFONT_ORIGIN it is clearly a vector2...

Thanks in advance to any help.

[i]-Jeff Sventora[/i]

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Vector2 is a value type, so it can't be a null reference and as such isn't what's giving you the error.

More than likely, FONT_SB or GFONT is the object that's null. Check to make sure either of those aren't null.

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