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Need help with DirectX error

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striker87    119
I'm following the Beginning Directx 9 book that I had gotten from a class I had taken as need to freshen up on DirectX and am getting a compiling error as it can't find the header file d3dx9tex.h I tried look online and couldn't find any solutions to fix the problem and tried adding the d3dx9.lib but that doesn't work as I also can't add the d3dx9.h header file. Not sure as to why it's not letting me when I added the library. If anyone knows a solution that might be able to fix this I would appreciate it so that I can continue with the book.

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Buckeye    10747
Somewhere in your IDE (Visual Studio?), you should be able to set project properties. Among those properties is "Include Directory." That's the location where your header files are located.

The following code tells the IDE [i]what[/i] to include, but you need to tell it [i]where[/i] the files are.

#include "d3dx9.h"

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