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Male singer/voice actor needed (within the next 24 hours)

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I posted the details on my GDNet Journal, but I'm reposting it here for more eyes.[/size][/font]

Basically, there is a community-ran game programming contest going on this weekend, and I've been working on my entry on and off for the past 48 hours.
I am looking for someone to knock together a cheesy voice-over of a dumb song I just wrote, to be played at the end of my game if I am able to complete my game on time.
(You can see my game's progress on [url=""]my journal[/url], or see the [url=""]most recent screenshot[/url] there)

You need a decent microphone, and that's pretty much it. The contest ends at noon on Monday, so I need the song by Sunday night.
I'd prefer a male voice, because I feel the song will work best that way, but I'm certainly will to give a female voice a shot also.

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