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AngelScript 2.20.3 released

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I've finally been able to finish the latest update for AngelScript. As usual there are plenty of bug fixes, but what's most interesting are the enhancements.

The script language has gained the support for default arguments, which can also be used when registering application functions. If you're finding yourself writing wrapper functions just to avoid forcing script writers to inform a lot of parameters in calls to application functions, now is the time to revisit those.

I've also improved the bytecode optimizations, so you should see an improvement in runtime performance, though how much depends of course on how your scripts look like.

Finally, I've added the flag asOBJ_APP_CLASS_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR for improved support for native calling conventions when objects that have a copy constructor is passed by value to the application. You should check the way your application registers value types and determine if any of them needs the above flag. For the next release I plan to focus on the debugging abilities, and hopefully write a standard debugger add-on that developers can integrate into their applications.


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