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[SlimDX] Fastest memory to texture method

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I am porting my engine from MDX to SlimDX and there are several times when I need to copy data from RAM into a texture's surface quickly (like for video). There was no fast way to do this in MDX so I used the following custom API call.

private static extern int D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory(IntPtr pDestSurface, IntPtr pDestPalette, ref RECT pDestRect, IntPtr pSrcMemory, D3dFormat SrcFormat, uint SrcPitch, IntPtr pSrcPalette, ref RECT pSrcRect, D3dxFilter Filter, int ColorKey);[/code]

I am curious if this method is already defined in SlimDX or if there any faster methods recommended? Also what is the exact dll version of DirectX 9 used in SlimDX incase I ever need to p/invoke it manually?

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