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Steve25    130
I don't want to start another C++ vs *language* thread there are thousands of them out there already and most of the time they get silly. But I do want to get some advice on where I should head as I'm currently a little uncertain.

At the moment I work as a junior web application developer using ASP.NET and C#. Previously I've done quite a lot of C# development, some C++ development, Java and a bit of VB.NET as well. I've even done games programming in C# using the XNA Framework which I used to make a 2D top down space shooter. I genuinely enjoyed making it and thought it was a lot of fun and very challenging at the same time. Lately however I've been thinking that perhaps I wouldn't mind an opportunity to work in the games industry and I realise that the industry standard is to use C++ with an API usually DirectX or OpenGL.

I tried doing games programming before in C++ but I failed as I just couldn't really understand it. However that was a few years ago and I think things would be different now as I have more experience with programming in general and I've even made a game using C#.

At the moment I realise I will be making games just as a hobby but should I move to building them in C++ or stick with C# for now and make a few more complicated games and then switch to writing games in C++. There more I think about it the more I feel I would quite like to make games programming a potential career. I'm interested to know the thoughts of people here and perhaps even from people who work in the games industry to know generally how much time it usually takes to pick the sort of skills up needed to be a professional games developer. I guess in some ways it comes down to using the industry standard or using what is easier.


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rip-off    10979
It will take a good bit of experience to build up your C++ skills. Some of the complexity in dealing with memory management and ownership really only comes with larger projects. It is hard to estimate the time this will take, it is too dependent on where you are and what you know at the moment. If you are a competent C# developer and you are willing to apply yourself, it shouldn't take an unreasonably long time though.

I would say that if your goal is to make a game, go with what you know: C#. If your goal is to prepare yourself for the game industry, go with what you need: C++.

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