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GPU Texture Designer is going to be released soon

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[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"][font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]EDIT:[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]I'm going to release this tool this week.[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]The idea is to give a free demo and sell the full version which will enable support for HDR intermediate color buffers, saving of big textures (up to 4096x4096) and basic batching support.[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]You can find more info about everything else here: [/font]
[/font][font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"][font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]http://cragegames.co...e-released-soon[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"][/font][/font]
And here's a real life usage example: http://cragegames.co...igner-example-1

[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]-------------------------[/font][font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]I was working on this tool for some time and I've decided that it'd be a good time to hear some opinions.[/font]

[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]http://cragegames.co...st-public-alpha (Additional info, screenshots, feature list)[/font][font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"] [/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]If you're not interested in the feature list and the screenshots, you can go straight to downloading and testing the tool:

(Win32 - XP / Vista / 7 only, Size - 1.31 MB)
The main requirement here is a good GPU though.[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]http://cragegames.co...ureDesigner.zip[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]http://www.box.net/shared/xcj9n0n9r5[/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"] [/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, lucida,"]Plans for the future include some generators (Perlin blending, white noise, gradients, resynthesizer, etc.), blending tools (just about everything you could find in Photoshop) and converters (1 input, 1 output -- like a normal map generator). No drawing (at least for some time) - other tools are quite good at that already.

So... what do you think?[/font]

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I don't have a particular need for a texture editor at the moment so I'm not going to download, but one feature I think would be great would be a filter that helps create tileable textures from untileable ones.

I know its not an exact science, and it can be done in photoshop (though I never remember exactly how when the time comes that I need to do it), but a feature like that could be really cool. You'd have to have a lot of user interaction to get it quite right, maybe with some kind of clone tool like photoshop and some lowpass filters to work on color gradients, but to me that seems like it would make a neat tool.

A few more in-use screenshots and documentation on the website would help people get an idea of what they were downloading as well before they commit to installing it. I saw one but some more feature explanation would be nice.

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Thanks for the tips, I'm going to upload some screenshots and more information soon.

And about seamless texture generation - I'm going to add it. Resynthesizer is one of the ways to make such textures. Blending with color data from another side of the image is another one.

P.S. Cropping and lens distortion will probably be implemented too, to allow people with any kinds of cameras make textures for themselves.

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It will be finished. I just wanted to find an artist that the game deserves. So... as soon as I finish those 3D projects, I'll move to a place where I can work with artists directly and finish the game.

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