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Matrix -> Vector3?

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Hi guys!

I have my light position stored in a matrix, after all calculations that were required.

Now i need to pass position as a vector3 to other method,

is it possible to obtain the 'actual' position from a matrix?

Let's say to obtain final position of my light i had to:




// actor_ModelMatrix - is the actual model matrix for the player ( his position and current rotation )

// actor_BoneMatrix - is the selected bone matrix (position+rotation) - let's say it is his hand bone.


What i need to do is get x,y,z of that rotated/translated position into a vector3:

vector3 position;

What should i do to get those?

Many thanks guys!!

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is this the local to bone matrix ? or bone to local matrix ? i'm not sure of what you want to do, but at a glance you can invert your matrixLightPosition and get the position from the 4th row or column depending whether you are in column major or row major for your matrices.

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