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Releasing an album. What am I doing.

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So I've previously been hired to make 8-bit tracks for an upcoming iPhone game. They all came out very well and I'm proud of myself. I thought I could take it a step further and make an album of all the game tracks and a few others I made in my spare time. Given that 8-bit chiptunes are eaten alive, for the most part, by consumers, I saw this as a great opportunity. I asked them (the team who hired me) and they were completely okay with it. (Even though I sold the music under a license that will still give me rights to whatever I please with it, I wanted to ask to have a good relationship with my client and so I may use "as heard in <this game>" on the album)

So, I'm about done with the tracks, I have some album art I'm working on, and I found a site called TuneCore that I can sell the album off of.

My question is... what all do you think I should put on the album? This is the first [b]ever big thing[/b] I've done in my lifetime and naturally, I'm unsure of some of the specs. My "music making" nickname is KanonBaum. Should I/can I stick that on the album or should I use my real name instead? Also, is there anything else I haven't thought about that will be mandatory for this sort of thing?

Any advice will be great here. :D Thanks!

- K

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