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Wall climbing box2d

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I used distance joint for the wall climbing but getting very unusual behavior.
I am attaching a screen shot showing the case.

Its the yellow box and the blue wall that shows the distance joint been formed and its unusual behavior.

I first used the b2ContactListener to detect the whether the moving ball makes contact with the left wall.

If there is a touch between the two, then i initialize a distance joint like:


b2DistanceJointDef* dist_joint = new b2DistanceJointDef();
dist_joint->Initialize(movingbox->GetBody(), left->GetBody(), movingbox->GetBody()->GetWorldCenter(), left->GetBody()->GetWorldCenter());
dist_jt = world.GetWorld()->CreateJoint(dist_joint);

Is this logic right???

I want that after the distance joint is formed, i can manipulate the yellow box with key strokes to move up and down showing as wall climbing.

All suggestions are welcome

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