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Uberleben port for Android

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Ok so I'm planning on trying to port the game "Uberleben" to Android.

It's basically a 3rd person top down pseudo-3D scolling game where the player is falling and avoiding objects on the way down.

I plan on using the phone's accelerometer functions to control the player's position which will give it a slightly different feel to the PC version.

As a total newbie with only a small amount of Visual Basic programming exposure, I am only at the stage of planning the basic structure of the game and I would really appreciate some input to see if my thinking is along the right tracks. Also, please excuse my extremely poor structured english attempt!

IF Obstacle Flag = 1 THEN pick an obstacle frame and draw it ELSE draw a non-obstacle frame
Increase Frame visibility (alpha) from 10? to 100 over 3? seconds (speed may need to be adjusted)
Scale Frame at a predetermined rate (starts off small, gradually gets bigger until out of view)
IF Frame Size = Full (again predetermined) THEN check for collision with player (Die/Don't Die)
Increase counter (to be used for score/current progress when to stop looping i.e: level complete?)
Every x interval, change Obstacle Flag to 1 (x is between 3 and 8?)

Essentially, this bit of code would loop over in a timer once a second or so. The frames appearing and growing larger will give the illusion of movement.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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