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[SlimDX] Failed to lock driver vertex buffer when loading models

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I can't figure out why the app is having trouble locking the vertexbuffer. Here is my code snippet.

// is this necessary?
if (vertexBuffer != null)
if (!vertexBuffer.Disposed)
{ vertexBuffer.Dispose(); }

vertexBuffer = new VertexBuffer(Device, VertexPositionNormalTextureColorTangent.SizeInBytes * vertexCount, Usage.WriteOnly, SlimDX.Direct3D9.VertexFormat.None, Pool.Default);

[color="#FF0000"] DataStream dataStream = vertexBuffer.Lock(0, 0, LockFlags.None);[/color] // exception is raised while attempting to lock vertexbuffer
foreach (List<VertexPositionNormalTextureColor> vlist in verticesNmTxCollst)
foreach (VertexPositionNormalTextureColor vertex in vlist)


I have plenty of system memory available, this happens randomly when loading models. there are no d3d leaks or warnings showing.

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