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Which java game engine for mobile?

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Just wondering here, why Symbian?

These days all serious game development on mobile seems to be on iOS (iphone, ipad, ipod) android and windows phone 7.

Very few people game on nokia symbian handsets in comparison and you will be severely limited in the resources available to you for your game, and left without any serious portals from which to distribute the game and make any money out of it...

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[quote name='dokurilkay' timestamp='1305900849' post='4813468']
Because I have only Symbian based phone to try my exapmple games. I have none of them(iphone,ipad,ipod)

Symbian games are primarily written in C++ , not Java (Allthough Java is supported its a bit of a second class citizen on Symbian)

Edgelib is a fairly solid game engine for Symbian, iOS and Windows Mobile (6 and older).

If you want to target J2ME instead (which can also run on Symbian) you could look at something like JGame (J2ME is a fairly limited platform and doesn't give you access to everything a smartphone has to offer though)

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