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Custom coordinate system in unity

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hey guys, i am having trouble understanding how to implement a custom coordinate system in unity. I get the idea behind it (I think..). ill essentially have 2 coordinates system overlayed ontop of each other.

in unity, around 10000 units away from the center is considered safe (so i read, anyway) with very little noticeable errors... my understanding is that each coordinate in this system will have its own set of 1000x1000x1000 coordinates...

so an object could be at 1,2,1 -> 425,231,512. tracking objects with some sort of coordinate system class cant be too hard i suppose, but i dont understand how that would tie in with unity. i'd have to bring objects back into unitys coordinate system to render them, and no matter how accurate an object is in my system, when i bring it back to unitys system itll still poses the same 10000x10000x10000 restriction.. confused..

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