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I have a class called MusicPlayer. The whole application might need to access a music player. Although there could be multiple musicPlayer object, as I write the code, there will be only one music player object.
So I ask how to fit this musicPlayerObject into my application. I have a couple of ideas, maybe one of this is a good one? I need your thoughts please.

Option # 1 -- create a function in music player class to retrive a globally used object
class MusicPlayer{
MusicPlayer& getObject(){ static MusicPlayer m; return m; }
Option # 2 -- create a header in which a namespace manages all global variable used
namespace GlobalVariable{
MusicPlayer musicPlayer;

Option # 3, use extern keyword
class MusicPlayer{
extern MusicPlayer musicPlayer
and define it in musicplayer.cpp

or some other method? Any suggestion or comments.

This problem comes up often and I would like a good solid solution.

regards, D.Chhetir

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