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Need help on C++ and OpenGL

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br-project    100
I have experience on windows and web programming, but it is going to be my first game programming. So i need help and information...
I d like to create a 3D tetris game by using C++ and OpenGL.
What is your suggestions for me to start? Where could be my beginning point? What should i search first? And do you recommend any extra programs or tutorials?

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kloffy    1318
I'd recommend having a look at [url=""]SFML[/url] or one of the alternatives. It will definitely make your life easier and allow you to start with the game right away, rather than spending time with OS technicalities. As for tutorials, there are plenty of OpenGL tutorials out there and I don't know them all well enough to make a recommendation. However, I would try and find one that is fairly recent (at least OpenGL 3.2), because that's when OpenGL became much cleaner API in my opinion. (Note that you'll have to build [url=""]SFML2[/url] to create an OpenGL 3.2 context...)

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