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detecting the coordinates where a bullet hits a mesh

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shayanuser    100
I have a lot of complex objects in a scene and im looking for an efficient way to find which object a fired bullet hits and to find the hit coordinates.
It would be best if there was a lightweight library to do this.
it seems that PhysX can do this, but i didnt find a way except to give every face in every mesh a physX system and that seems to become a bottleneck.
thanks in advance.

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bluntman    255
This might be better suited to the physics section, its not an OpenGL question. I haven't done anything like this, nor have I used Physx, but I do know that most games with complex rendered geometry use another set of simpler geometry to calculate collisions. You give these to PhysX and get a collision result from them, then you can project your bullet hit decal on to the renderable geometry using this result.
Like I say though you are best asking in either a PhysX forum or the Physics section of this forum.

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