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[Box2D]Problem with joints - simple moving

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Hi, I`m writting because i have problem with using joints in Box2D. I`m trying to create simple moving system for my units but i cannot find out how to move units with this and this speed. I was trying to use linear Velocity but i have to control when units are on place in which i want them. I`ve tried joints but they are working like a... gum? U know, at start they move slow but if they are closer to target position my unit moves faster.
Can u give me an advice how to use joints to have an effect like i want? (i was looking for good tutorial about this but all are with jumping boxes, moving them with mouse or car with wheels:( )

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It is not a "force vector", just the velocity. But like a manual force, you have to recalculate the value at each step. So for example when the target is reached, you just set the velocity to 0.

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thank you i ll try to use it.

kinematics are bad idea because i need colisions, sometimes joints etc.
And still i dont know WHEN to stop moving object.
If i do sth like this:
Vector_2D range=pos - target;
if(range.x+range.y < 10)
my body can still keep moving if it colide with something in its way.

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