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For a beginner, how long would it take me to make a 3D game?

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[size="4"][size="4"]Specifically a game like FF7 for PS1...[/size]



For example, that scene ^^above^^ is one I'd like to create within a few years using either C++ or Assembly and DirectX or OpenGL.

And by "create" I mean from scratch, yes, and hope to do it within a few years once I reach the ability to work in 3D environments.

Here are my skills in programming as of now:

[size="4"]I am currently a beginner at game programming. I have produced, at best, a movable set of pixels developing in a Windows API environment using Windows API programming. The game featured two trees made out of pixels as background art and a polygonal line under the pixels to resemble a floor on a sort of 2-D Cartesian plane. I managed to get keyboard input from Windows and move the set of pixels, resembling an inclined line, left and right and have limited boundaries to each end of the visible view of the screen.[/size]
[size="4"]I also added a very tiny strategy to the game, whereas you have the ability to move the pixel set over a key(made of pixels as well)and when you press SHIFT(shift key is a button that checks for items, etc., like in strategy or puzzle games)and it will claim you have the key if you are right over it. Also, if you press the SHIFT key while at the boundary limit of either sides of the screen, it will let you know that your boundary has reached its limit.[/size]
[size="4"]So, based on what I've done at best, would you say I'm on a good track to programming success over time?[/size]
[size="4"]And, if anyone would help, I would like to know if repainting the screen using InvalidateRect is the only means of redrawing the screen or if that function is the only way to update what is on the screen.[/size]
[size="4"]If so, how would one make a game if the screen requires repainting so much? [/size]
[size="4"]Thanks in advance greatly. [/size]

[size="2"]I think I attached a file containing the .cpp file for the program.[/size]

[size="2"]I HEAVILY appreciate any help given, small or big. :)[/size]

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[quote name='Butabee' timestamp='1306025440' post='4814035']
If you want to quickly make a 3D game I'd recommend a graphics engine like Ogre... that will save you a lot of wheel reinventing.

No, speed isn't an issue. I'd like to gain the skills and knowledge to do it the hard way. :)

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