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Can Unity3D call Direct3D APIs?

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[quote name='lucky6969b' timestamp='1306047032' post='4814145']
Just wondering if unity3d can interface with Direct3D APIs directly?[/quote]
I don't know the answer for sure, but I'm willing to bet the answer is no (or essentially no), for the following reasons:

1. Unless you're using the Pro version and have access to the C++ plug-in system, you can't access the engine directly at all, in which case any interaction would have to go through the scripting system. (Although I think more functionality if exposed in the Pro version than in the free version.)

2. Unity uses both DirectX/3D and OpenGL (depending on the platform), so even at the engine level the interface to the graphics engine is likely to be abstracted.

Technically you could do it if you had a source-code license, but that would be an unusual case.

What is it you're wanting to do exactly?

(Also, if you haven't already, you could ask this on the Unity forums, where you'd likely get a more authoritative answer.)

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[quote name='lucky6969b' timestamp='1306163936' post='4814615']
BTW, are there any freebie alternatives to unity3d which offer things like interactive 3d content manipulations?[/quote]
There's a free version of Unity. (It doesn't target mobile platforms and doesn't have all the features that the Pro version has, but it's fully functional.)

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