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About atmospheric scattering

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I just got my atmospheric scattering to work, after studying a lot of papers & demos, and finally finding one that explained how to set up rayleigh and mie factors and so on. There is only one thing that isn't working now: The sky isn't getting whiter towards the horizon. Here is the shader code:

float3 vertex = mul(i.vPos, WorldView).xyz;

float3 viewDirection = normalize( vertex );
float distance = length( vertex )*100.0f;

// Angle between sun direction and view direction
float3 sunDirection = normalize(mul(float4(SunDir, 1.0),WorldView).xyz );

float theta = dot( sunDirection, viewDirection );

// Phase1 and Phase2

float phase1 = 1.0 + theta * theta;
float phase2 = pow( rsqrt( HGg.y - HGg.z * theta ), 3 ) * HGg.x;

// Extinction term

float3 extinction = exp( -BetaRPlusBetaM * distance );
float3 totalExtinction = extinction * Multipliers.yzw;

// Inscattering term

float3 betaRay = BetaDashR * phase1;
float3 betaMie = BetaDashM * phase2;

float3 inscatter = (betaRay + betaMie) * OneOverBetaRPlusBetaM * (1.0 - extinction);

// Apply inscattering contribution factors

inscatter *= Multipliers.x;

// Scale with sun color & intensity

inscatter *= SunColorIntensity.xyz * SunColorIntensity.w;

o.vDiff.rgb = inscatter;
o.vDiff.a = 1.0f;
return o;

It's from a demo I found here. It's pretty obvious for me why the sky isn't getting whiter towards horizon, as the slope of the sky is not taking into the calculations anywhere in that code. I have a nice sun and so, but terrain scattering looks ugly for far distances, as the terrain simply blends white into a blue sky.


How can I enchance the shader to make the horizon white/bright? Thanks in advance!

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