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Geometry injection for LPV

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Hi everyone:

I have been working on the implementation of Crytek's LPV for weeks. First of all I must say that the algorithm is really brilliant.

However for the geometry injection part I find my own approach.

In my implementation I did not shift the geometry volume, i.e. the geometry volume coincides with the light volume. When injecting the geometry information, I use almost the same method with VPL injection: First move the geometry half of the cell size along its normal, and than inject it. The reason I doing this is that I assume the occluders are surrounding the cell. The occluders are considered as small facets positioned on the surfaces of the cell and points to the center of the cell.

In the light propagation pass, I calculate the occlusion by taking the opposite of the propagation direction, and then use that opposite direction to compute occlusion, finally I scale the propagated light by (1 - the occlusion value).

I have not yet test my implementation with different scenes. The algorithm does occlude some light during propagation. However I'm not sure the light is occluded properly. Further experiments will be done.

Do you guys have any suggestions on this idea?

By the way I also put an screen shot of my implementation:

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