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Open Source Project looking for more..

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Hi Folks.
I am currently looking for 1 or 2 People for my Project.
My Project is a OpenGL3 2D Gaming Framework, using a core profile. So no deprecated OpenGL Stuff like glTranslate etc.
You don't have to be a OpenGL3 or C++ Guru, I am not one by myself. I would describe myself as an intermediate programmer.

So, before I continue, let me introduce you my project:
Code is in the SVN, so you can start to investigate it right away.
The Framework aims to have Tools and offering a fast way to do Games with an Editor and some scripting and also source access for experienced programmers.
Developers Platform is currently Visual C++ 2008 and Windows 7, but the project should work on XP too.

What you definately need:
A DirectX 10 Graphics Card which supports OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile.

Your "Profile":
[list][*]You know C++ good enough to be able to write working code yourself.[*]You know how to debug.[*]Boost, would be a plus through the whole project, but not necessary.[*]wxWidgets, if you want to help with tools.[*]OpenGL3 if you want to touch the rendering code.[*]GLSL if you want to do cool shaders or help with lighting.[*]AngelScript, would be a plus.[*]You know how to handle SVN [img][/img][*]You speak fluent English or German[/list]
What you get for it?
Nothing, but maybe a new friend? Ok, seriuos, I do this for the lulz and my personal entertainment, so I cannot offer any money.
The Code is under Open Source License also.
But if you feel like having some time, then you are most welcome.

I will start working on the code again in 2-3 weeks, as my Real Life keeps me very busy at the moment, having nearly no time to play or code. But of course I will be available then on a regular basis via Steam and/or Skype with Headset.
Send me a mail to [email=""][/email] ( you need to remove the -no-spam ) or a PM, if you are interested.

If you have any comments or Questions on my project, please feel free to do so here [img][/img].

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