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Gem Wars beta 2.0 available now!

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[url=""]Download Gem Wars beta 2.0[/url]

1000 ways to kill!
1000 ways to die!

Gem Wars is a 2D platformer/shooter that takes elements from games like Smash Bros, Little Big Planet and Quake III Arena and makes for one fast-paced action-driven game. With over 20 power-ups, 4 multiplayer game modes and endless combos-- this game is designed for deathmatch and tournament enthusiasts.

Any feedback would be great!

- GeForce 6xxx if you have an nVidia card
- Resolution of at least 1024x600

1. VERSION INFORMATION===================================================

This is Beta 2.0, the first public beta.

+ 20+ power-ups are fully functional
+ 4 game modes are fully functional
+ Practice mode available
+ Multiplayer available

Next version:

- Backgrounds and HUD need to be redone
- Some sounds need to be redone
- Placeholder music is in-place

2. KEYS==================================================================

Up/Down - Aim Up/Down
Left/Right - Run
Down key - Pickup item

Z - Jump
X - Lethal Arm/Shoot
C - Tactical Arm/Sidearm

1 - Smile
2 - Pain
3 - Blink

Spacebar - View Scoreboard

2A. ADVANCED MOVES=======================================================

Direction key against enemy + Jump button

This allows the player to kick an enemy away.
This move does not deal damage, but will stun an enemy if they hit a wall.

Wall Jump:
Direction key against wall + Jump button

Walk Backwards:
Left Shift + Direction key

3. POWER-UPS=============================================================

There are 4 types of power-ups in the game.
You can only have 1 of each at a time.


3A. GEMS =================================================================

The Gems power up your Lethal Arm.
Each Gem has a strength and weakness.

A player hit with the stronger gem is hurt 2x more.
A player hit with the weaker gem is hurt 1/2 less.

WATER (Blue Gem)
+ Strong against FIRE
- Weak against EARTH

FIRE (Red Gem)
+ Strong against EARTH
- Weak against WATER

EARTH (Green Gem)
+ Strong against WATER
- Weak against FIRE

3B. LETHAL ARMS===========================================================

Lethal Arms are affected by any GEM you are wearing.
These arms cause damage (as opposed to TACTICAL ARMS, see section 6).

>> Default:
-- Low fire-rate. Low damage. You start off with this arm.
-- Resembles PISTOL.

>> Barrage:
-- Powerful close-up sprays, weak for long distance.
-- Resembles SHOTGUN.

>> Gatling:
-- Low damage, high fire-rate.
-- Resembles CHAIN GUN.

>> Ball:
-- Powerful bouncing shots, low ammo.

>> Launcher:
- Detonatable missile with shot-canceling properties.

>> Thrower:
-- Close-ranged, high fire-rate.
-- Resembles FLAMETHROWER.

>> Beam
-- One long shot. Kills any enemies in its path.

3C. TACTICAL ARMS==========================================================

Also known as Sidearms.
Tactical Arms do not cause damage.

>> Rope Arm:
-- Allows player to swing.
-- Also, allows player to snag and pull enemies.

>> Tracker Arm:
-- Allows player to shoot a homing beacon. All shots go to homing beacon.
-- Also, arm points to direction of enemy when hit with a beacon.

>> Gem Toss Arm:
-- Allows player to snag enemy's gem.
-- Also, allows player to pick up other gems to throw at enemies.

>> Bear Trap Arm:
-- Allows player to drop traps to hold enemies in place.
-- Also, traps destroy Power Boots.

>> Capture Arm:
-- Allows player home in on enemy and shoot a magnetic ball that pulls off their equipment.
-- The more equipment it steals, the heavier the ball, the less it travels.

>> Porter Arm:
-- Allows player to tag an area to teleport to.
-- Also, allows player to tag an enemy and force them to switch positions with them.

>> Cement Arm:
-- Allows the player to create blocks of cement.

>> Shield Arm:
-- Blocks enemy shots.

3D. POWER BOOTS============================================================

>> Rocket Boots:
-- Allows the player to dash and hurt enemies by crashing into them.

>> Jet Boots:
-- Allows the player to fly

>> Spike Boots:
-- Allows for leap/bouncing ability that can destroy enemies if stomped.

4. GAME MODES=============================================================

>> Deathmatch
-- Most kills wins.

>> King of the Hill
-- Certain locations become hot spots.
-- The player to stand there the longest wins.

>> Super Gem
-- A clear gem appears.
-- The longest to hold the gem wins.

>> Alternation
-- Mostly Deathmatch, with short interludes of either KOTH or Super Gem.

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