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VTune doesn't show function names

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Hi. I've just downloaded VTune trial version and trying to use it.

I post here because I'm writing a game engine and I guess that Intel don't really care about guys using trial.

I have an ancient MSVC++ 2003 and actually there were still no causes for me to take a newer version (what is going to be painful because of some differences in code check/compilation).

I tried to register on IBM site to get Rational trial software, but the site seems buggy or they just didn't like my nicks, so I can't register there (tried many times during the year). My only chance to get a good profiler which can show me memory leaks and slow places (and also point me where the cache misses happen) is VTune.

VTune seems to work except he doesn't fetch symbol information like function names though I included the folder containing my PDB file to its search directories and it makes the whole profiling completely useless.

May pdbs of msvc2003 be incompatible with newer ones?

Or maybe the problem is that I don't have system dlls pdbs, which should be downloaded from microsoft symbol server? unfortunately msvc2003 can't cache symbols, it immediately deletes them after downloading and reading(. But I guess system pdbs only needed if you want to see function names inside system code in profiler and it is not neccessary?

Please, advice me something, I just need to detect memleaks/cache misses/slow places (aka hotspots).

Firstly I used some small timers inside my code, but it is too long to place/remove them, and timeGetTime is too inaccurate and QueryPerformanceCounter just gives me completely different results on each run.


[b]UPD: found an older vtune, fixed the problem.[/b]

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