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jviruss    122
Hi!!,i am writting a pipeline to capture video and audio(2 source filters),then pass them to a multiplexer(1 transform filter) and pass the video resultant to another filter(render filter)that send data by udp other hand,i have a udp receiver(1source filter)that receive the video data.this info pass to spliter filter(1 transform filter),which divide the info in video and audio(2 renderer filter).<BR><BR>The system works in udp,i have a packet size of 45kb.the audio and video size by frame are 6 megabytes,then i loss very much packets in localhost.<BR>then here are my questions:<BR><BR>1)Is normal lost so many packets with udp.i send 120 packets of 45 kb each one.<BR>can i solve this by some way?<BR>2)i need compress the data but i don't know how use a codec to encode and decode the video info.<BR>some one could write me a example for create a compresor and decompressor filter(By example cinepak)or say me where find this information??<BR>how i know which major type and subtype are valid for the compressor.<BR><BR>Cheers!!!<BR><BR> Edited by jviruss

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