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tolua++ command line options

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[quote name='Josh Klint' timestamp='1306213164' post='4814880']
Nevermind, I got it.

Its a good idea to leave your post as it was and then post the solution you found, that way others who run into the same problem will find the answer by searching this forum (or google since google has a tendency to very frequently put gamedev posts high up on its search results)

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Here's my .bat file:
[code]tolua++.exe -o lua-gluecode.cpp luacommands.pkg

The cleaned header file HAS to use the .pkg extension. No idea why, but it doesn't output any contents from the header if you use an .h file. Also, you have to declare and call the initialization function that gets written in the outputted .cpp file, after calling tolua_initialize(), or whatever that command is called.

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