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How to obtain precision of Physic simulation in Online multiplayer game

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I have problem about Online multi player game which need precisely physic simulation.

Suppose my game is to shoot ball to the wall of 100 bricks objects.
Bricks are all physic object, each of them may collasp or stand remain after ball hit them
depend on the physic simulation.

2 Players shoot ball to the same wall in turn base game mode.
While P1 shooting, P2 can see the situation.
P1 will send force of shooting ball to P2. (and other info the physic needs)
Then P2 will simulate and hope the result will be perfectly same.
Every bricks stand, collasp, move or fall in same way.
We need precision in millimetre unit.

The problem is, all physic system we try (Havok, PhyX) are undetermine.
2 simulations with same input, even on same machine, will give a little bit different result.
The different is in centimeter or metre unit which unacceptable in our game.

And due to the bandwidth limitation, we cannot send update state (pos, rotation, vel, etc)
of all 100 bricks from P1 to P2 machine.

I know most of online game which use Physic system are not care much about
precision of bouncing or collasp objects that collideable,
but my game requirement need :(
Is there anyone have a good solution to this kind problem.


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[url=""]Don't cross post[/url].

Chose one forum and post it there. Closing this one, keep the discussion in the other thread.

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